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Paul LÔiv26 Jun, Wed, 15:15
Tartu, Rattaringluse parkla 10, Turusild

Moomoo & Trismile ĂŒhissĂ”it 30-33km/h

FREE3 hours
Paul LÔiv27 Jun, Thu, 15:15
5 (1)Tartu, Rattaringluse parkla 10, Turusild

Moomoo & Trismile ĂŒhissĂ”it 26-28km/h

FREE2 hours
Triin Parro25 Jun, Tue, 05:30
Tallinn, Narva mnt 7d

Taastav jooga

16.8 €an hour
Kerli Pruudel25 Jun, Tue, 08:00
5 (1)Kloogaranna

Ringtreening Kloogarannas

9.1 €an hour
Evelin Talts18 Jul, Thu, 14:00
Tallinn, Kadaka Staadion

KepikÔnni treening Kadaka staadionil

FREEan hour
TÔnis Paalme25 Jun, Tue, 15:00
Tallinn, LasnamÀe Uisupark

Laste rulluisutrennid Tondiraba uisupargis

9.1 €an hour

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